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Wild Arms 3 and Kinetica Coming to PS4 as PS2 Classics Next Week, Trophy Lists Revealed

Two more PS2 games are joining the PS4’s library of games next week in the form of Wild Arms 3 and Kinectica, as revealed on the PlayStation Blogcast. The golden oldies from generations gone by will release on PS4 as emulated games that get a slight graphical boost by upscaling the resolution to 1080p – just don’t expect them to look like full-on remasters.

The games will of course be available digitally and will release with trophy sets, too, though Kinetica won’t have a platinum gong to go for but Wild Arms 3 will. You can take a look at the trophies through here and here.

Looking forward to playing through these classics once more, or have you left all feelings of nostalgia at the door? Give us a shout down in the comments section below.



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