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Win $1000 In Cold Hard Cash Playing Super Rude Bear Resurrection

Super Rude Bear Resurrection, from British developer Alex Rose Games, is a hardcore platformer about a gangsta bear from East London. The game is famously hard, but it has a twist: Whenever you die, your dead body remains in-game, and your are allowed to use it as a “meatshield” or as a corpse platform to help your current character to stay alive. In other words, the more you die, the easier the game becomes.

While it’s true that the game’s difficulty lowers with each death, it is possible to complete the six plus hours of challenges, obstacles and the bosses of the main quest without dying, and the first player to accomplish that feat will earn themselves 1000 bucks.

The game is available now if you’re feeling lucky. Are you feeling lucky, punk? Download the game and let us know if you have what it takes to make a run at the fat stack.




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