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Windlands Getting PS4 Pro Support and PSVR Move Patch Next Week

The wait is finally over: Windlands is very close to finally getting support for the PSVR Move controllers, six months after it was first revealed by the developer.

The developer, Psytec Games, has confirmed that PSVR Move controller support will be dropping on Tuesday of next week – so June 20th. This’ll mean that players will finally be able to use their PS Move controllers to swing around Windlands’ massive worlds like an ancient Spider-Man. Yay!

So how will it work with the controls? Obviously you won’t have the analog sticks from the DualShock 4, so instead you’ll move around using the buttons on the face of the controller. Sounds awkward, doesn’t it? Psytec has tried to make it as simple as possible by mapping forward movement to the Move button – handily the biggest button on the controller – and turning will be done with the other face buttons. It could prove a little awkward, though after a while it’ll become second nature.

The big takeaway from this is that you’ll be able to aim your move controllers to exactly where you want to fire your grapples. It was pretty amazing when it first released with just DualShock 4 support, so we reckon it’s going to be a buzz using the Move wands. Sick buckets at the ready…

The developer has also confirmed that PS4 Pro support will be included in the next patch to give the game a little bump so that the game’s worlds and geometry is a little clearer from within the PSVR headset.

We’ll definitely by giving this a go once the update goes live, so be sure to check in with Pure PlayStation for an update next week.


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