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Windlands Update 1.01 Out Now, Brings PS4 Pro and PS Move Support

It’s the moment all PSVR players have been waiting for. It’s the moment that’s been delayed for months on end, but it’s finally here: you can now swing around like Spider-Man in Windlands for PSVR.

The new update for Windlands, version 1.01, brings PS4 Pro support to make the game look even better in PSVR, as well as support for the PS Move wands – something players have been pining for since release.

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The addition of PS Move support means that you’ll be able to aim your hands and fire your grappling hooks in a way that’s not unlike Marvel’s Spider-Man. We’ve yet to give the game a try with the new update, though we’ll be posting our thoughts here later this evening.

Will you be jumping back into Windlands to give the wands a go? Swing on down to the comments and let us know.


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