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The Witcher 3 Getting HDR Support Soon

The Witcher 3 is not a game that has difficulties in the looks department. It’s the Zac Efron of video games. But that hasn’t stopped CD Projekt RED from announcing HDR support for the highly acclaimed title, which is coming “soon” according to their post.

Confusingly, the patch that will deliver this upgrade is described as for the PlayStation Pro 4 only; we would assume that the change would be universal due to the standard consoles being more than capable of supporting HDR. We will have to wait and see whether this is a typo, or actually reality. Surely they wouldn’t go to all that trouble only to deny part of their audience the improvements?

This news follows a previous update that allowed The Witcher 3 to take advantage of the Pro’s graphical enhancements and capabilities. And both patches followed the studio’s previous comment that they would not support the PlayStation 4  “.5” re-release, such as the Pro. It clearly shows how successful the more powerful console has proven for the manufacturer, with its popularity leaving developers with little choice other than to upgrade their games. The only negative is part of the team are distracted enhancing their last game when they could all be focusing on The Witcher 4. Now that would be news!

Has Geralt still got it? Or have you dumped him harder than Microsoft split from their phone? 


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