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WRC7 Announced With Fancy New Trailer, Coming Autumn 2017 to PS4

World Rally Championship 7 (WRC 7) has been officially announced with a brand spanking new trailer. A trailer which has us actually scratching our heads, but more on that in a moment.

The official announcements says: “The rules of the World Rally Championship have changed. Enter: new beastly cars, more powerful and aggressive than ever before. Get ready to coat these beauties in mud and experience a surge of power that has never felt so real!”

Fair enough. Beastly cars are always welcome in Pure PlayStation HQ, so long as they don’t shed all over our nice clean floors… The trailer is embedded up above for your viewing pleasure. But… Can you spot the live-action shots? Are there even live-action shots? We’ve watched it a handful of times now and we’re convinced that a few shots are live-action real-life rally cars being thrown around. The future, people, is a mind-bleep.

WRC 7 will release this Autumn on PS4, so check back in with Pure PlayStation and we’ll keep you up-to-date with all the latest info.

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