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You Are the Disease in the Latest Vampyr Trailer

Vampyr is starting to pull back the curtain on more of its story. The latest trailer is devoted to giving you a vampire bat’s eye view of the world and some of the characters. (On a side note, if you read the headline for this post and immediate thought, “and I’m the cure”, give yourself a gold star. It has nothing to do with the game Vampyr, but you have seen some great movies.)

Set against a cover of Blue Oyster Cult’s Don’t Fear the Reaper, you speak briefly with the disembodied voice of your creator, before taking your first steps into the world. Along with the prior ideas of humanity’s helper vs hunter, it seems like you will struggle with doing the right thing and using your fellow townsfolk like a juice box. Based on the trailer, they are not going to make that an easy choice.

It also seems like that is not the only problem. All is not well in Vampyr town. Some are going to be willing to accept you. Some will try to kill you. Walking the line between the human and Vampyr worlds has been explored in other mediums, but it will be nice to be able to decide that the person who gave me a hard time could be my next lunch. Or, I could eliminate the nicest and most innocent lamb in the local flock just for funsies.

Vampyr is looking good. It may not be enough to make us love vampires again, but it is making them vicious, frightening creatures that kill, instead of watered-down, moody boys and girls. We like that in a make vampires great again kinda way.

We are keeping our evil eye on this one, and we cannot wait to sink our teeth into the final game on June 5th.

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