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You Can Already Save $10 on The Last Guardian on PS4 With Amazon Prime

If you’re an Amazon Prime member (and why wouldn’t you be? Seriously?) you can save yourself a few dollars on a game that hasn’t even released yet, and, if history is still a pissy little bitch, won’t release until the next decade.

Okay, the chances of The Last Guardian being delayed again are pretty slim, but there’s no joking about saving a few pennies from a pre-order. The RRP for the long-awaited adventure is $59.99 – standard pricing in North America¬†– but Amazon will happily take $49.99 if you’re a member of the Prime club. If you were going to pre-order anyway, it can’t hurt, but if you’re still unsure about the game (and you’d be right to be cautious!) then maybe you’re better off just waiting.

The Last Guardian is due to release on PS4 this December 6th. It’s only been a decade. The wait isn’t that bad.


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