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You Can Play Knack 2 on PS4 Right Now With Free Demo, Even Co-Op

Legends foretold of a great prophecy called Knack. Critics and players renamed him ‘Cack’. We say humbug to the haters, and like the great Tay Sway says, shake it off.

Basically, there’s a free demo for Knack 2 on the PlayStation Store, though at the time of writing (dinner time for this writer!) it’s only available on the UK and EU PlayStation Store, though we expect it’ll be released in North America very, very soon.

What’s really awesome about the Knack 2 demo is that it lets you not only play solo, but you can also buddy up and get a taste of the game’s new co-op features. Wicked, no? Don’t you dare say it isn’t.

Knack 2 will release on September 5th in North America, and September 6th in the UK and Europe.


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