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You May Soon Be Able to Change Your PSN ID

Wouldn’t this just be lovely? The ability for PlayStation users to change their online username has eluded them for far too long, though it looks like the fabled day may soon be near.

Alright, enough speaking like a prophet, let’s get real here: some nerd over on NeoGaf took the time to read the latest extensive patch notes for the Unreal Engine software. Within those patch notes it was suggested that PSN IDs could change. The most telling piece of text was the following:

Added asynchronous name resolution to convert between “Sce Np Online Id” and “Sce Np Account Id,” using Sony’s ID mapper web interface.

As we understand it, your current PSN ID is filed under Sce Np Online Id, something that can’t be changed, according to Sony. But then there’s the ability to convert between the aforementioned jumble of words to Sce Np Account Id. Again, as we understand it, the second jumble of words would refer to a secondary name of your PSN ID. So you’d still have your original ID, but it’d be masked by the Account ID. Still following?

There’s nothing announced officially yet so we’ll just leave this on the rumour pile until Sony announces otherwise. Still, it’d be nice to do away with those embarrassing online IDs we made as teenagers, wouldn’t it?

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