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Your Actions Can Haunt You or Help You in Latest Middle-earth: Shadow of War Ads

Be careful who you cross and who you spare. Two new commercials hit today for Middle-earth: Shadow of War, and they illustrate how things can change, based on your decisions in the game. In “Eat It, Jerry”, We see an orc destroying the titular Jerry’s transportation over a period of years. In the reverse style of the film Memento, we finally see the original moment in the game that motivated a young Norûk to dedicate his life to making Jerry’s less mobile. Destroying his version of the hoveround at the beginning may be the best thing we have seen all day.

The second spot, “Not Today, Brian”, tells a similar story, except that Brian made a different choice when it came to Thrak. The story is also told in reverse, and we see Thrak saving Brian’s life multiple times, which is how many times we have watched both of these trailers. They are pretty clever. Perhaps, the industry is just using better ad firms lately.

With the October 10th launch date right around the corner, we can all look forward to making eternal allies or enemies in Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

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