180 Game Help Videos Included With Demon’s Souls on PS5, But Will That Be Enough?

180 Game Help Videos Included With Demon’s Souls on PS5, But Will That Be Enough?

One feature of the PlayStation 5 that might prove extremely useful to us gamers is the inclusion of Game Help videos. These are short snippets of a game’s action that prompt you with what to do, should you get stuck, but are guaranteed to be spoiler free. And it has today been confirmed that Demon’s Souls will ship with 180 of these helpful guides – which will come as a relief to many. But given its challenging gameplay, I’m not sure if even twice as many would be enough!

The feature does come with one restriction, however. That is, you do require a PS Plus subscription to make use of it – which is a shame. But at least we’re not talking about a handful of videos for that premium; if this figure is around the average of what we’d expect, then it is not a bad deal at all.

One thing I would like to see, though, is something similar to a Director’s Commentary. So, you could have the development team offering a walkthrough of various parts of a game, and telling us all about the journey they went on to create them. It would give us an insight into the process, which we are rarely aware of. And offer a bit more of a connection with the team, who usually remain nameless and faceless.  In fact, I’m sure there are a few different things that could be done depending on the game we’re referring to. Track guides for racing games is one, and speed runs of platforms could be another.

Still, these in-built Game Help videos that promise not to spoil the game for you are a great idea in their own right. And something I think will be utilised by many – especially when it comes to games such as Demon’s Souls.

Source: Washington Post

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