2018 in Numbers: Our 20 Most Popular PS4 and PSVR Reviews

2018 is coming to a close and we’ve been very, very busy this year. Myself and the team have written hundreds of reviews over the last couple of years, and 2018 was no different. We’ve reviewed massive AAA blockbusters, tiny indie gems, and everything in between. PS4 and PSVR games are our big focus – and rightly so, as it’s what you, the readers, are constantly looking for.

This year, for a bit of fun, we’re listing our most popular reviews. It’s not to say that one game is better than another – it’s just to see what people are looking for when they go online and search for reviews. Some of the reviews may even be from previous years – a testament to their longevity.

The following list is from #20 to #1, with #1 being the most popular review of 2018 on Pure PlayStation. Enjoy!

#20 Marvel’s Spider-Man – Insomniac Games (PS4) 8.9/10

“Marvel’s Spider-Man leans heavily on the tried-and-tested open-world formula, to its benefit and its loss. While it apes those that came before at every turn, it does so in such a way that it doesn’t even matter – it’s a beautiful Spider-Man game that tells its own story while delivering gameplay that’s familiar but fine-tuned. Spend a few minutes swinging around and you’ll barely care for the game’s shortcomings. This isn’t just the best Spider-Man game to do – it’s the best super-hero game thus far.”

#19 SUPERHOT VR – Superhot Team (PS4/PSVR) 9.5/10

“SUPERHOT VR is the epitome of cool. You’re thrown into your very own action movie that’ll have you slaying fools over and over again as you spawn, shoot, die, repeat. If you’re a PSVR owner, you owe it to yourself to at least try this out.”

#18 Shadow of the Tomb Raider – Eidos Montreal (PS4) 9.0/10

“Shadow of the Tomb Raider has some of the best visuals and sound of any game this year. This last entry in the trilogy has improved every aspect of the previous two games while adding some new ideas. Exploration is both thrilling and satisfying, and the excellent tombs are enormous puzzles waiting to be discovered and conquered.

Other than a few minor audio and video flaws, the story and characters fall just a little short of greatness, but that won’t keep you from enjoying an amazing game. In Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Lara finally realizes her full potential, and it is quite the ride.”

#17 Red Dead Redemption 2 – Rockstar Games (PS4) 8.5/10

“Red Dead Redemption 2 is an interesting game. Fun is pushed to the background in place of realism and a dedication to keeping the world grounded in reality. You’re a guest and you have to play by the rules, and Rockstar lets you know this by dictating everything and putting a limit on what you can and can’t do.

It’s relentless in its reach for realism but, ultimately, it hits its marks more often than not. The gameplay loops haven’t changed in the eight years that have passed since the original Red Dead. Instead of expanding, Rockstar has dug deep and committed to creating a world with great depth and nuance, but at the cost of player comfort.

It’s a fantastic game and a showcase for what Rockstar is capable of doing, but it’s equally flawed and I can see where frustrations might arise. It’s still one of the finest games of this generation so I’d easily recommend it to fans of Rockstar’s previous works.”

#16 Sprint Vector – Survios (PS4/PSVR) 9.0/10

“Sprint Vector is another evolution for virtual reality. Actually performing skate-like motions in a competitive VR racer shouldn’t be this fun. Like I don’t think normal racing is this fun. Granted there’s no huge jumps, gliding, or witty announcer commentary in standard skate racing. Point is that Sprint Vector is a blast to play even if the idea of rollerblades don’t speak to you. The maps, the gameplay, the controls, and the fun are some of the finest the PSVR will ever see. You’ll be hard pressed to find an experience like this where actual muscle soreness can take a back seat to your enjoyment.”

#15 Megaton Rainfall – Pentadimensional Games (PS4/PSVR) 8.5/10

“Megaton Rainfall isn’t a perfect game by any stretch, but it is a damn fine example of what can be done with VR and a little ingenuity. Just make sure you’ve got barf bag on standby.”

#14 The Brookhaven Experiment – Phosphor Games (PS4/PSVR) 8.0/10

“The story is quite meaty and definitely worth playing through more than once, even if it’s just for the cheap thrills. It’s a truly terrifying experience, and now after having been inside a horror game, I don’t think I’m ever going to be wimpering at anything on a regular 2D screen. That’s VR, baby.”

#13 The Invisible Hours – Tequila Works (PS4/PSVR) 8.0/10

“Dodgy accents and some questionable voice acting aside, The Invisible Hours gives those who wouldn’t look twice at a theatre production a chance to not just watch one, but to step inside and choose how they want to watch it. There’s definitely room for new entertainment with VR, and this is a prime example of stepping outside of the norm and into something wonderfully new.”

#12 Perfect – NDreams Ltd (PS4/PSVR) 5.9/10

“I guess the ultimate question is did I feel relaxed in this space? I suppose so, but only for a few minutes at best. The graphics weren’t good enough to sustain a truly beautiful location and the lack of positions to take in the sights didn’t offer any complexity. More to the point, only three maps to “escape” to make this ten dollar purchase feel like a tech demo. Sure the PS4 Pro might enhance the experience but I doubt it would change anything major. Luckily, if you just want to listen to some peaceful music, Perfect has you covered. Plus, some of the nature effects are just lovely. This PSVR escapade is a decent starting point for what it’s trying to do, but it’s just that. A starting point.”

#11 Spider-Man: Homecoming PSVR Experience – Sony Pictures Virtual Reality (PS4/PSVR) 5.0/10

“Considering that this experience is completely free and there’s no additional costs via in-app purchases, it’s worth a look, even if the running time is only slightly longer than the movie’s trailers. Hey, who knows, perhaps this is the first step to a fully-realised Spider-Man VR game? We can dream…”

#10 Dream Match Tennis VR – Bimboosoft (PS4/PSVR) 7.0/10

“If the rest of Dream Match Tennis VR was as good as the actual tennis playing, this would have score even higher. Add in a decent multiplayer mode and it would be elevated to an instant must-buy. Instead, it’s just a fun tennis sim that is well worth the fifteen bucks, especially if you like tennis.”

#9 Raw Data – Survios (PS4/PSVR) 5.0/10

“While at its core it may only be another wave shooter, the depth, polish and unique characters make it rise above the pack. If and when the multiplayer and co-op are added, consider it an absolute must-have. Plus you can wield a laser sword.”

#8 Knockout League – Grab Games (PS4/PSVR) 9.2/10

“Knockout League mixes a ton of polish with some great nostalgic boxing action. The fact that it’s an intense full body workout is a plus, if you’re into that sort of thing.”

#7 The Exorcist: Legion VR Episodes 1-3 – PS4/PSVR – Wood and Wolf Interactive Ltd 6.9/10

“The Exorcist: Legion VR looks great and is scary as hell. Each chapter clocks in at around a half hour, so there isn’t much bang for your buck, and both control schemes leave plenty of room for improvement, but if you love Horror games and/or William Peter Blatty’s source material, then I think The Exorcist: Legion VR is worth your time and your money.”

#6 Pure Farming 2018 – Ice Flames (PS4) 8.0/10

“Pure Farming 2018 isn’t going to change the genre in one go, but it does a good enough job to stand out from the current leader in the farming sim space. It’s welcoming to newcomers with an extensive campaign, but it doesn’t shy away from the hardcore micro-management that proper farming nuts crave.”

#5 Just Cause 3: Air, Land & Sea Expansion Pass – Avalanche Studios (PS4) 7.5/10

“If you’ve still got your copy of Just Cause 3 knocking around and you fancy getting back into it, the Air, Land & Sea Expansion Pass is a great way to re-invigorate your game. It’s surprisingly well-done in terms of content and there’s definitely some value to be had. Just be aware that the technical performance of the game is a pain in the arse. It’s playable, but it’ll test your patience at times.”

#4 Ark Park – Snail (PS4/PSVR) 2.9/10

“Ark Park could have – should have – been a decent Jurassic Park knock-off. Instead it’s just a knock-off. It lifts its entire concept wholesale from the Jurassic Park series (even more so from Jurassic World) but without any of the charisma, quality, or fun. Couple this with the fact you’re paying more for an inferior version of a poor game and you’ve got enough reasons to watch this one go the way of the Dodo.”

#3 Drunken Bar Fight – The Munky (PS4/PSVR) 7.0/10

“Drunkn Bar Fight isn’t without fault, that much is clear, but it’s still a bloody fun game. You’ve got your single-player levels to work through and trophies to earn, but the real beef is in the game’s local multiplayer where friendships can be broken with a sly slap to the balls. Good times, then.”

#2 Just Dance 2018 – Ubisoft (PS4) 8.0/10

“Just Dance 2018 is an OK single player game wrapped in a great party game. The newest iteration is definitely pushing a platform over the standalone experience, but there is more than enough content and included modes that it never became a problem.

If you want something for everyone to do for these upcoming holidays or are inviting a group of friends to your house, Just Dance 2018 has a good variety of songs to keep anyone moving. It is a fantastic way to spend an evening.”

#1 Far Cry 5 – Ubisoft (PS4) 9.0/10

“Far Cry 5 is the best in the series, as expected. I can practically taste the Montana air as I explore the mountainous region, performing a more diverse set of actions than I’m used to. The story and villains are top-notch and the gunplay is as satisfying as ever. This is easily the peak of the franchise and something one can enjoy for at least thirty hours. Having Far Cry Arcade to fall back on is just the cherry on top. Meaningfully being able to make your own missions can be a game changer in an open-world shooter and I’m hoping it works out for Ubisoft. If only those damn microtransactions weren’t in my face every time I opened a shop.”

That’s… Quite an interesting little list, right? Oddly enough, Just Dance 2018 is a close second place, though over on our YouTube channel it is our most-watched review ever. It’s bonkers, but people seem to really, really want to play Just Dance 2018. And fair enough because according to our Jason Frye, it’s a fantastic game!

It’s also worth noting that the DLC review for Just Cause 3’s Land, Sea, and Air expansion ranked very high, despite being rather old. It helps that the game was released on PS Plus one month, so many sought out opinion on the DLC before dropping the money on the extra content.

It’s also obvious from looking at the list that players are hungry for PSVR reviews. Several of the review up on this list have been live on the site since the PSVR released, so it’s mad to see that they’re still ranking really, really high. It’ll be interesting to do this again next year and compare. Maybe Just Dance 2019 will be our top game? Who knows…

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