2D Arcade Fighter Blazing Strike Debuts Gameplay Trailer; Heading to PS5 and PS4 in 2022

First look at the upcoming pixelated retro fighter.

Publisher Aksys Games and developer RareBreed Makes Games have unveiled a gameplay trailer showcasing a foray of powerful moves and a strong cast of characters for the upcoming game Blazing Strike.

The trailer reveals a blue arm fighter throwing some rather impressive strikes against a crazy kicking martial artist in full action. It also flaunts some nifty moves from other characters, including a Shaolin Monk called Lei Long and an out-out wrestling legend called Alexander. It appears from the trailer, that Blazing Stike will at least feature fourteen playable characters, including a one-eyed assassin called Ryohei, a ruthless Oyabun called Hana, and a ghost ninja who goes by the name of Mochizuki.

The concept of Blazing Strike was conceived in 2015 as a 2D fighter with 3D modelled characters. However, it was then redesigned in August of 2018 to a pixel art aesthetic to help give it a retro arcade fighter vibe. Blazing Strike presented its first playable demo at EVO 2019 with the assistance of the UK digital media charity The Mix, along with its Kickstarter campaign that launched in August 2019.

The upcoming game has been massively inspired by several well-known arcade fighters like Fatal Fury and Street Fighter, which is evident in the trailer below. Although, it’s hoping not to be just a one-trick pony as the game will attempt to encompass a unique set of mechanics to help it stand out from the crowd. This will include a Rush Trigger, which will allow players to execute past-faced manoeuvres, although using this too often will deplete your Rush Meter, and will eventually put your character in a vulnerable state. Altogether, this will hopefully give the game a nostalgic feeling but provide something new and refreshing at the same time.

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Blazing Strike is attempting to make the game accessible to all sorts of players regardless of their prior experience in fighting games, which certainly sounds promising on paper. There will be three playable modes: Story Mode, Arcade Mode and Vs Mode, but that’s not all, as there will also be training, sparring and online matches available. In addition, the game will also contain some jamming hip hop beats that perfectly fits the brawling action in the back alley streets by the music artist HYERLAMB.

Blazing Strike is due to arrive on PS5, PS4, Switch and PC in spring 2022.

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