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2D Sidescroller The Lost Bear To Hit The PS4 / PSVR This Month

New and inventive ways to make use of the Sony’s VR headset is always welcomed here at Pure PlayStation HQ, so we are excited to get our hands on Odd Bug Studio’s first release, The Lost Bear, which drops sometime this month in the US. The Lost Bear is a 2D cinematic platformer exclusively for the PlayStation VR. You’ll play as a little girl named Walnut, who sets out on a journey to a wondrous, yet dangerous world to search for her missing teddy bear.

As the player, you’ll be sitting inside a 3D diorama that reflects what is happening in the game. According to game director Daniel Robinson, the diorama was inspired by puppet shows and is very reminiscent of an old school theater. Daniel had this to say over at the PlayStation Blog:

“…The diorama was created to help fully immerse the player into Walnut’s world. It’s a 3D/2D diorama that mirrors the 2D world; offering a visual language in which it subtly reflects the progress of Walnut through the game. For example, the environment to the left of the diorama will reflect where Walnut has been previously, while the right will foreshadow elements of what she will encounter next…”

Besides the Eastern European puppet shows, the team at Odd Bug Studio says that Play Dead’s acclaimed platformer Limbo was also a heavy influence. Tune back into Pure PlayStation in the next few weeks for our review of The Lost Bear to see if they pulled it off.

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