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2Dark Has No Remorse for Child Abductions and Is Coming on March 17th

Frederick Raynal is mostly known for the original Alone in the Dark, but may become even more infamous with his latest creation, 2Dark. After all you play as a father who’s two children were kidnapped in a recent string of child abductions. The experience will be a stealth adventure game without remorse that mixes investigation and scares. All of which is brought to you by macabre art design and those bloody, psychopathic killers.

There will also be a limited edition of the gruesome game that will include the following: an exclusive version of the 2Dark game disc, original soundtrack on a twenty one track CD, a steelbook, and an artbook titled “The Art of 2Dark” that have over one hundred, uncut behind the scenes details. Both this edition and the digital one will be available for the PlayStation 4 on March 17th.

Definitely check out the trailer above as it introduces the game’s dark atmosphere. Just a forewarning though, it may make parents want to hug their children for the rest of their day. So if they have any plans expect to cancel them. 2Dark is currently in development by Gloomywood Studios.

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