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2K Sports Sign New Multi-year Deal With The NFL

2K Sports has today announced a partnership deal with the NFL, which promises multiple game collaborations over the next few years. The video games will be limited to non-simulation titles. But there’s nothing to guarantee EA Sports and their exclusive Madden franchise are safe – especially if the relationship between the pair should blossom.

And it’s not the first time that the two have shared assets – previous projects have even disrupted Madden’s performance in the charts! So, this could develop into something special indeed.

Interestingly, the straying away from simulation-like mechanics will also be paired by a more casual approach to design. Officially, it has been described as fun, approachable and social; characteristics that technically perfect and realistic games often lack in. Yet, areas that 2K Games are quite skilled in.

Even if the final polish can suffer, as a result…

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However, no financial details have been shared. And neither do we have specific details on what form the initial game, at least, will take. But speculation online seems to suggest a Playgrounds-style game could kick things off whilst everyone warms into the relationship. That would make sense, as 2K Games have a skeleton, of sorts, to work on – fleshing previous assets out in NFL kits, repainting the ground and changing the ball’s shape. But a carbon copy isn’t really enough to get the hype train moving, either.

So, lets hope the team have something extra up their sleeves to give us the Super Bowl of American football games. Because, sometimes, a breath of fresh air is all it takes to shake things up in just the right way – especially when the next generation is concerned!

Source: Polygon

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