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3on3: Freestyle Goes Interstellar With The Recent Update

Move aside Space Jam it’s 3on3 basketballs turn.

JoyCity has announced that all-new content is coming to 3on3: Freestyle today bringing space-themed PvP matches with the new Astro Rank mode.

Unlike the traditional 3on3 PvP mode, Astro Buff Rank mode will have its own rules and buff effects that will challenge players like never before as you’ll need to work on different strategies to beat your opponents.

That means how you plan your team formation or what abilities you wish to take on the court will be completely different as players will now choose to play more aggressively instead of the past defensive strategies.

A new PvP mode deserves its own court, and JoyCity feels the same way. This update has also added a cosmos-themed court to 3on3 Freestyle. Players will no longer be trapped in an urban setting and have instead been blasted off to play ball on the moon – I never said it had to be realistic.

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At the end of this Astro season, players will yet again receive rewards based on the final rank they have achieved with top-tier players being rewarded with their very own UFO pet.

Alongside this event is the Fall Battle Pass. JoyCity has claimed to have revamped the Battle Pass to make it easier for players to complete, they have done this by not only splitting the pass into two sections but also improving the event missions and rewards.

Hopefully, the Battle Pass will be more enjoyable for players as Mission difficulties have been lowered so players can reach max level faster than previous Battle Passes while also improving the type of rewards they will receive making the pass worth it.

Finally, an example of these all-new rewards for this recent season is special hero-themed costume sets. Joy Ranger outfits and Joy Ranger Gun backpacks will be available during the first half of the pack in six vibrant colours.

These ranger outfits will also have a unique heroic transformation as a free-action which will allow players to pull some fun finisher moves in this all-new update.

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