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500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro Coming August 24th

Sony has sold a lot of PlayStations since the brand’s launch. By their count, it’s more than 525.3 million and growing. With that many birthdays, it’s time to celebrate with a special edition PS4 Pro. The 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro will be available on August 24th. The console’s hardware contains a 2TB drive, but is otherwise unchanged. (Some might argue that the PS4 Pro should have launched with a 2TB drive, but that’s neither here nor there.)

The exterior is where all the magic happens. The shell is a translucent dark blue, which is the first time Sony has done this in North America. You will be able to see the internals, and some of the lights can shine through the shell. Each console will also have a copper plate attached with the limited edition serial number. The box will include a matching controller, PlayStation Camera, and vertical stand. You will be able to buy the DualShock 4 and Gold Wireless Headset separately.

With only 50,000 units worldwide, how much can you expect to pay? In the U.S. and Canada, it will be $499 US and $639 CAD. Europe will be shelling out €499 to own the limited edition console. If you need help deciding whether it is worth rearranging your budget, I have attached an unboxing video at the top, and the PlayStation history focused video at the bottom of the article.

With an August 24th launch, low numbers, and the added panache of a truly numbered, limited edition, you should start saving your home currency now.

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