7 Days to Die Pre-Load is Live On PS4, Not a Massive Download

7 Days to Die Pre-Load is Live On PS4, Not a Massive Download

Zombie games had their time in the mid 00’s, seemingly, but now we’re entering the second coming of zombie action games. The latest comes from The Fun Pimps and its successful PC zombie game, 7 Days to Die.

It was announced a few weeks ago that Telltale would be publishing a console version of the game on PS4 and Xbox One, a version that’s set to release on June 28th, 2016 – two days away from the time of writing.

Those who’ve opted for a digital version of 7 Days to Die can now start loading the game up ahead of its release, saving valuable time on release day; there’s nothing worse than waiting hours on end for a game to download when your physical-copy-wielding friends are already having a blast.

It’s not a particularly large download as the initial hard drive space required is a mere 2.2GB. Not too shabby. We’ll be checking this one out in the coming days and will have a full review very soon, so check back in with Pure PlayStation to find out if it’s any good or not.

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Is 7 Days to Die on your radar, or have you had it up the eyeballs with killing the undead? Shuffle down to the comments and groan away lifelessly.

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