8-Bit Platformer Bat Boy Swings onto PS5 Next Year

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Bat Boy!

X Plus Games and Sonzai Games have revealed a trailer for their new game Bat Boy, demonstrating baseball is not just a completive sport; it is also a battle for supremacy. The upcoming game is a 2D platforming adventure that will embody an 8-bit nostalgic backdrop.

Stereotypically in baseball, a batboy is someone who carries bats around for the team. Although, in this adventure, it’s up to Bat Boy himself to carry the team to success by saving them from the evil grasp of the interdimensional mage, Lord Vicious.

We see Bat Boy take on numerous monstrous enemies armed with his trusty baseball bat in the trailer down below. Just like a pro player in the major leagues, he times incoming enemy shots brilliantly to strike them directly back. He also uses his bat to help him reach higher ledges and give enemies a good smack over the head.

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The story follows the sporting endeavours of Ryosuke as he battles his way through the fiendish invading army of Lord Vicious. The cruel Lord plans on holding a wicked athletic sporting event known as the Trials of Darkness. Ryosuke is granted great power and must use these newly acquired gifts to swing into action and stop these sinister wannabe hunger games. Bat Boy, along his travels, will be forced to work with the cheeky villainous crow Garrou to help him stop Lord Vicious plans.

Bat Boy will encounter several former teammates that have been brainwashed into doing the Lord Vicious bidding. It is now up to him to take down the athletes to release them from the evil spell; these include Rocket Girl, Shinai Guy, and Mr Blitzer. Once Batboy has freed his fellow athletes, he will gain access to their abilities.

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As the baseball hero travels, he will explore vast worlds and navigate them by using baseball-style combat. The world is filled with 8-bit visuals, and there are lots of puzzles to be solved within the environment. All this is accompanied by fast-paced chiptune music from Evader Music. Bat Boy will need to overcome heaps of enemies, challenging bosses and collect companions to gain the completive edge and score the perfect home run in the fight against Lord Vicious.

Bat Boy will be heading to PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Switch and PC sometime in 2022.

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