88 Heroes Gets Updated Launch Date Alongside a Planned Retail Release

Not much has been heard from developer Bitmap Bureau and their 2D action platform game, 88 Heroes since May of last year. With the original August 2016 time frame for launch passing, some were left wondering what became of the title. Luckily, the silence was broken today when publisher Rising Star Games and Bitmap Bureau reported their new targeted release date is sometime in March.

The PlayStation 4 version will also receive a physical boxed edition that will include two exclusive heroes and a brand new game mode titled “H8.” Players will be able to experience eight new levels with a hardcore challenge twist. The two new heroes (who technically make this 90 Heroes) are Cath Letics and The Mime. The former being a super-sprinter with long jump skills and the latter being able to perform a “trapped in a glass box” taunt which confuses and repels enemies.

We’re really pleased that gamers across so many formats will be able to play 88 Heroes in March”, said Martin Defries, Managing Director of Rising Star Games. “We have such belief in the game that we’re proud to be adding a boxed physical PS4 version of the game, with exciting additional content, to our jam-packed existing catalog, continuing our dedication to fans of physical releases.

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At Bitmap Bureau, words cannot describe just how excited we are to finally release 88 Heroes!”, said Matt Cope, Managing Director at Bitmap Bureau. “Teaming up with Rising Star Games has been fantastic. We’ve had creative freedom to explore our crazy ideas, and genuine support whenever needed. We can’t wait for people to start downloading our game or get their hands on the exclusive PS4 boxed version!

You can check out the original announcement trailer to 88 Heroes above. Do let us know how you feel about Bitmap Bureau finally breaking their silence and the added content for PS4 gamers.

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