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A Fold Apart Let’s You Solve Puzzles to Keep a Long-Distance Relationship Together

A Fold Apart just might be the sweet story, puzzle game combo you need right now. The gameplay puts you in a paper world and tasks you with solving puzzles by folding parts of that world. The trailer shows you folding a page to make a bridge accessible. It also shows you folding vertically and falling to reach another area.

The underlying story is full of that sweetness I mentioned. The goal of solving the puzzles is to keep a long-distance couple (the type of couple can be selected) together. As you solve more than fifty puzzles, you’ll open up more of the story by showing the text messages between the couple. The press release I have mentions miscommunication and emotional rollercoaster, so it sounds as if they have it right.

A Fold Apart is coming to the PS4 on May 19th. Check out the trailer to have your heartstrings tugged a bit, and prepare to dive into the complexities of puzzles in a papercraft world and the complexities of communication between two people in a relationship. I’ll let you decide which one is harder to unravel.

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