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A Gummy’s Life Is Punching Its Way Onto Console This Year

Indie studio EP Games has finally announced that its sweet-filled physics-based multiplayer A Gummy’s Life will be launching on PlayStation and Xbox later this year.

A Gummy’s Life was originally released on PC and Nintendo Switch in 2018. However, after 3 years, those of us on consoles will finally be able to join in on the fun and battle our friends in both local and online party multiplayer.

Players can choose between a variety of sweet treats such as Gummy Bear, Cola Bottle, Fried Egg, Gummy Shark and many more to beat their friends as their favourite flavours. You will also have the freedom to customise it however you like as well as equip some funny taunts. Winners will unlock even more gummies to play as in the assortment of game modes.

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You’ll be spoilt for choice as there is a variety of levels and game modes to pick n’ mix from. Some of these game modes include King of the Hill, Team Deathmatch and the obvious Free-for-all mode where you can show who is really the best sweet of them all and why it’s gummy bears.

If you’re a button masher or a battle-royale pro this game can be enjoyed by many due to its exciting levels and easy to learn controls. If that doesn’t tempt you, the bright and colourful art style reminds me of Fall Guys or Gang Beasts which both work in similar ways to this sugar bowl of chaos.

As you can challenge up to 8 players online or set up your own sweet sofa tournaments in local multiplayer there will always be a chance to show how powerful your gummy is – and who doesn’t want to taunt others as a gummy shark from the top of a candy hill?

If that doesn’t persuade you to keep an eye on when this sugar-rush releases then you can always learn more at the game’s official website here.

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