A Handy Guide to the Battlefield V Female Controversy

Since we live in a pretty dark, alternate reality timeline, some people are actually offended that a woman is going to grace the cover of Battlefield V – the series that has had only men on the box art until now. Like you, logical and smart person, I was completely baffled.

After some time to reflect and understand the other point of view, I came up with this handy guide and/or checklist for those who are intimidated by this incredibly small change. I must admit it took hours of preparation and thought, before I pumped this out. So without further ado, if you find yourself getting angry, at the sight of a woman, here are some reasons why that might be:

“It’s not realistic.” Bruh, it’s a video game. You’re sexist.

“Women were not in WW2.” Alongside being ignorant, you’re sexist.

“It’s catering to *insert dumb comment here*.” You’re sexist.

“They haven’t earned it.” You’re sexist.

“This is just an effort to be trendy.” You’re sexist.

“War and video games are for men.” You’re sexist and living millenniums ago, my friend.

“Men are just better.” Yeah, you’re just sexist.

“It’s always been a man.” You’re sexist and resistant to positive growth.

“Women ignore me, the nice guy, and I don’t want to see them there.” You’re sexist.

There it is, folks. If you happened to see an argument you’ve used, then just know it’s not us. It’s you. We as private citizens know you’re in the wrong, we don’t like your intolerance, and we’re showing you the door. It’s still sad that as of 2018 women are not seen entirely as equals yet.

As for me, I’m going to continue hoping Battlefield V is another great addition to the series. It will be hard to top Battlefield 1 though, as we gave that bad boy a 9.5 here at Pure PlayStation.

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