A Knight’s Quest Coming October 10

This is the second game I’ve written about today that takes some inspiration from the Legend of Zelda, but A Knight’s Quest is leaning into the quest part. After the knight Rusty sorta starts the end of the world, he must go on a quest to stop it from ending. It’s only fair after all. Rusty is not the most experienced adventurer, so he’ll start that journey with his time-tested sword and shield, before unlocking elemental powers.

These three “spirit powers” will consist of fire, ice, and time. Controlling them is cool enough, but you will need them to solve environmental puzzles. In the new trailer released today, it shows you extending bridges and the like, but it looks as if you can use those powers in your fights as well. Rusty has a pair of fiery gloves or even a flame-engulfed body. He slows time to dodge enemies. He even makes himself into a giant ice sphere to be a rolling force for justice.

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We also see more of the platforming, and it all looks good. If I had to pick another influence, it looks like Ratchet and Clank. There are sections of the world where you are jumping between platforms and wall-running, but the most obvious part is the rail grinding. I’m glad someone else has picked up that mechanic. I always enjoyed it.

With an October 10 release date, A Knight’s Quest is only a week away from release. It’s an interesting combination of gameplay in a dangerous yet inviting fantasy world. Check out the trailer to see if this is a quest you should be taking too.

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