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A Plague Tale: Innocence Spreads to New Players with a Free Trial

A Plague Tale: Innocence has dropped a free trial (or demo if you prefer). This will allow you to take on the whole first chapter of the game and experience a little bit of the mechanics and world. There are light puzzles to solve and slings to shot in combat. Stealth is a must and provides some very tense moments. The full trip with Hugo and Amicia De Rune is full of emotional ups and downs, but it’s never boring. And then there’s the rats, which are creepy and deadly. I could go on, but our own Max is far more eloquent and thorough in his review than I could ever be.

If you like the game, it’s included in Europe’s Platinum Weekend sale, so you can grab it for a discount. If you are in the U.S., keep shopping around. It’s on sale periodically, and you might really dig it.

The only thing I would say for certain is that A Plague Tale: Innocence is more than worth a try, especially at the low, low cost of free.

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