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A Plague Tale: Innocence Story Trailer is an Emotional Gut Punch

Although I enjoy my usual mix of stoicism, trailers lately have been trying to make me feel things with their yucky emotions. A Plague Tale: Innocence is another amazing example of how to do that in about a minute. Amicia and Hugo are avoiding a plague, supernatural rats, and the Inquisition, and this trailer shows the perils of all three.

It also shows that they weren’t always on the run. They had a family, a home, and a promising future. By the end of the trailer, you can see that’s all behind them. You can also see a few other hints at the story, such as why does the Inquisition want Hugo?

Check out the trailer for your own chance to feel something (or nothing you heartless rascals) as you follow the tale of two orphans running from man, malady, and mouse. Every trailer seems to disprove the idea that it can’t get any worse, so I keep hoping for something good. We’ll see if A Plague Tale: Innocence lives up to it’s marketing when it launches on May 14th.

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