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A Space For The Unbound Combines Sweet Slice-of-Life and Supernatural Sci-fi; Coming Q3 2021

A Space For The Unbound was announced today, and it’s hitting a lot of the right tones for me. On the front end, we have a slice-of-life, narrative-driven game that tells the story of Atma and Raya. It will deal with themes of anxiety, depression, and the end of high school. For a little uniqueness, it’s set in rural Indonesia in the 90s. (Does this mean we’re finally done with setting everything in the 80s?)

That’s very sweet, but teenage angst is not where the story ends. We also learn that the girl has superpowers. The trailer also shows a giant meteor falling from the sky and an ominous, winged creature talking to the two kids. You can also dive into the minds of others to uncover their secrets and live their memories. You are just one loud “BONG!” away from Inception territory.

As you try to successfully navigate the end of your high school years in the game, you can appreciate the pixel-based art style inspired by the works of Makoto Shinkai. He is the director of animated films such as Your Name, 5 Centimeters Per Second, and The Place Promised In Our Early Days. You could certainly find worse people to emulate, and the trailer looks great.

You will have to wait until Q3 2021 to play A Space For The Unbound, but you can play the prologue on Steam now. It may change from the PS4 version, but it should give you a taste of what’s to come. If playing games on the PC is too yucky, at least check out the trailer to see if you’ll be picking it up in about a year.

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