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A Telltale of Two Jokers in Episode 5 of Batman: The Enemy Within

The choices in Telltale’s games often lack lasting significance. It’s a valid and frequent criticism, but episode 5 of Batman: The Enemy Within is going to change that. Depending on your choices throughout the season, you will have radically different Joker character types with completely separate stories. He seems crazy in both, so we win either way.

The first type is the more familiar villain. Bruce Wayne pushed him to become the monster we all love, and he is dedicated to making Gotham and Batman pay. He is pure chaos and destruction.

The vigilante is the other path for John Doe. In this version, we see Joker as someone clumsily following in Batman’s footsteps. He wants to fight crime, but he has no moral compass. The resulting pile of bodies turns Batman’s usual allies into new enemies. This is an interesting take on what could have been.

This season’s lead writer, James Windeler, had this to say about the importance of the episode:

“Without exaggeration, Same Stitch is the most ambitious piece of content Telltale has ever produced. We had to adjust our usual development process to accommodate the added scope, but it was super important to us to honor players’ choices, whether they chose to befriend John or not. We had to deliver on the season’s central promise of allowing players to craft their own Joker.”

If you play both story lines, the “branchiest” episode ever delivers 3.5 hours of content. That content is mostly unique, sharing only three scenes. That’s a lot of content for one episode, and we wonder how that will impact the inevitable season 3.

We can’t wait to find out. Prepare to meet the Joker you created when episode 5, Same Stitch, releases on March 27th.

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Press Release from Telltale Games

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