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Aaero’s Release Date Updated via New Gameplay Trailer

Before the end of last year, we were introduced to the musical, sci-fi, aerial spaceship combat of Aaero. The arcade title was all about electric rythem based combat and supposedly releasing this month. Unfortunately, the launch date has been pushed back to Spring 2017. To make up for the travesty, developer Mad Fellows uploaded a new gameplay trailer. We get to see some new gameplay, levels, enemies, and even a few bosses. If you’re afraid of giant squids or spiders, don’t watch the video above!

Aaero is being developed by Mad Fellows which formed in 2013. It will be the micro-studio’s debut game. As always we’ll let you know more info once we have it. If you’re jonesing to face off against giant robot spiders, consider yourself braver than us. Let us know how you’d do it in the comments below!

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Mad Fellows Press Release

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