Who We Are

Pure PlayStation is dedicated to bringing the latest news about everything PlayStation right to your eyeballs, fingertips, ears – basically every part of you. Every. Part.

Building on years of experience and industry knowledge, what better time to serve PlayStation fans with what they really want: a PlayStation site for purists; a site where integrity and ethics are a top-priority; a site where you can come and have a read, maybe a bit of a laugh, and actually enjoy reading. That’s the goal, and if we fail it, we’ll hand ourselves into the PlayStation police – as soon as such a thing exists.

Lets Talk About Ethics

Here at Pure PlayStation we try our best to remain as neutral as possible. We’re not in the business of politics, or the blame game, or what somebody did to a person from another company, we just care about putting out video game news. We’re not interested in being Social Justice Warriors, nor are we remotely qualified to be the voice of such a thing. Obviously we care about what happens within the industry we’re so passionate about, but if it’s not directly affecting our readers’ enjoyment of their video games, we’re not going to make a fuss over it. We’ll leave that kind of tripe to the site’s that will do anything for a click. We’re not one of those sites but we’ll do anything for a bacon sandwich and until bacon butties become a valid currency, we’ll just carry on as we were.

Journalistic Integrity

Video games and journalism aren’t really seen as things that go too well together. Naturally, we work very much in the same way as a news reporter for the BBC or CNN would; we source our stories, we write our stories, we fact-check our stories, and we credit our stories where due. We’re not massive fans of calling ourselves “journalists” but what we do does fit the definition, and so it’s our responsibility to act in the proper manner. That means we’ll credit our sources when possible and that we’ll be as clear, open and transparent about what we do and how we go about our business as possible. It means we won’t be taking any backhanders from publishers or PR companies, and it means we’ll hold every company to the same standard and that they’ll be treated identically. We won’t be playing favourites with one and not with the other. Long story short: we’ll do our ruddy best to do a damn fine job.


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