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Absolver’s Free Downfall Expansion Available Now

Did you pick up Absolver for free as part of July’s PS Plus games? If so, the developer dropped a big update today, and it is free. Absolver: Downfall adds new modes, a new style, new challenges, and “procedural dungeons”.

The new style is Faejin, and it is more complex than some of the other styles. It is balanced style with attacks for fists and war gloves and weapons. The trailer shows the new style in multiple scenarios, so you can see if it meets your martial tastes.

The new mode can be played in solo or co-op. The levels in the Adalian Mines are procedurally generated with three different bosses to beat and new AI. If you have already played the game for a while, this should keep some content feeling fresh.

School challenges can earn you big rewards. If you have reached Disciple rank, you can compete using your schools moves. The goodies are dished out every three weeks, so get ready to increase the reputation of your alma matter.

Along with the already listed items, there will be new moves and gear. Check the trailer for an overview of everything, and download Absolver: Downfall for all the new features.

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Press Release from Devolver Digital

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