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Acclaimed Stealth Game Budget Cuts is Sneaking onto PSVR, Developer Confirms

Budget Cuts Coming Soon to PSVR

Stealth games aren’t as popular as they once were, sadly, and they’re basically non-existent in the realm of virtual reality. There is one that stands out though, and that game is called Budget Cuts. You’ve probably heard of it, but if the only virtual reality headset you own is a PSVR then you’ve likely never played it.

Budget Cuts is available on PC virtual reality headsets but it will soon be getting a release on Sony’s PlayStation VR, as confirmed by Neat Corporation, the game’s developer.

When a virtual reality fan on Twitter asked if they game would be releasing on the Oculus Quest, Neat Corporation revealed that it is actually working on a PSVR edition of the game. Neat Corporation tweeted the following response:

“Right now we are working on a PSVR version of budget cuts – quest will require even more of a performance optimization but we will look into it once we are “done” with PSVR!”

That’s one way to announce that a critically acclaimed game will be releasing on a new platform… But yeah, we’ll take that, won’t we?

If you’ve not heard of Budget Cuts and don’t have a clue what the game is about, let me fill you in briefly. You play the part of an employee at a mega company called TransCorp and your job is to stamp papers and file files. Literally. That’s your job. However, the company has an army of cost-cutting robots and they’re coming after you next. Before you’re dragged off to the HR department, you receive a package that aids you in starting your escape. From here you’ll be sneaking around like Sam Fisher as you try to save your job, or you’ll be going full-on Rambo. It’s your choice how you play, but stealth is definintely an option.

There’s no release date yet for Budget Cuts, but stick with Pure PlayStation and we’ll have the release date posted the moment it is announced. Probably…

Source: Twitter

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