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Ace Combat 7 Delayed Until 2018, Non-VR Demo Available at E3

Ace Combat 7 will miss its 2017 launch window, according to franchise director Kazutoki Kono, and will now be releasing sometime in 2018.

Kono explained the reasons for the delay in a press release, stating that his and Project Aces’ high expectations would have to be compromised in order to meet their original target.

The Project ACES team and I have been working hard on ACE COMBAT 7 and we’re determined to achieve the vision we have set for the game. To reach that vision, we have decided to move the launch of ACE COMBAT 7 to 2018,” he wrote.

We would have loved to launch ACE COMBAT 7 at the end of 2017 as we originally intended, but doing so would compromise our goal for the game. We take our art very seriously and that means we have instead chosen to devote additional time and effort to perfect and optimize this newest chapter of the ACE COMBAT saga.

“The combination of the Unreal 4 Engine and the power of current generation consoles and PC hardware have literally opened the “skies of opportunity” to us to develop the best ACE COMBAT experience to-date. At no other time in ACE COMBAT’s 20+ year history has gaming technology allowed us to deliver the minute details of flight combat – such as cloud cover and air currents – or give players a new way to experience dogfights and attack sorties through hardware such as the new PlayStation VR.”

Fans will have to make-do with a non-VR demo of a mission that will be available at next month’s E3.

It makes a change for a game to be delayed in order to ensure its quality rather than release it with known issues and then try to firefight with patches. Technology is making the gaming experience richer for us players, but more difficult for the guys and gals who are tasked with making them reality.

If we have to wait a few more months in order to pretend we’re in Top Gun, then so be it; it’s not like aviators ever go out of fashion.

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