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Ace Combat 7 Will Keep Completionists Busy For 50+ Hours

Ace Combat 7 is finally nearing the end of the taxiway as it gets ready to launch in fifteen days time. But even though it’s been a long time coming, it looks like there’s enough content under the canopy to keep all you Topgun-ners in-the-making busy for quite some time yet.

According to Bandai Namco, publisher of this high flying release, players who are determined to experience the entire hangar should get more than fifty hours of flight time. In the UK, that’s enough to get you a private pilot’s licence – minus the exams. 

However, it must be stressed that the actual storyline will rarely exceed twelve hours – unless you happen to make a lot of unscheduled landings…

During the interview with wccftech, Bandai Namco answered the question of game length with the following:

“ACE COMBAT is an arcade experience where you must complete missions. The times for a continuous process of trial and error are not included like in an RPG or adventure game.

“But if an ace pilot plays without any mistakes, playtime is more than 10 hours… If a player explores deeply and aims to complete all aircrafts, it is assumed to be around 50 hours.”

In addition to the above, the team also filled us in on the multiplayer mode. By the sounds of it, teamwork will prove a central factor in whether or not you come out top dog in those dogfights (and by top dog we mean the big, burly chihuahua).

“For the multiplayer mode, we created it with simple rules in mind. The sky being the playfield AND battlefield in ACE COMBAT are renewed, and players can enjoy PVP in this environment.

“We also tried to make it so each player can make use of their own tactics more frequently by describing enemy’s ace pilot with stars in the match. 

“In team deathmatch mode, if a player comes to be an ace pilot with stars, the player will need to judge what to do in each situation, such as actively having dog-fights to get a higher score or being a decoy for other team members. It is vital to cooperate with the team members and consider about your role in each situation.”

Unfortunately, the interview ended with the team also stating that they have no plans of porting any other games from the series, to console or PC. But I think we can live with that considering 7 is giving us PSVR support.

Ace Combat 7 takes to the skies on January 18th. We’ll see you in the pilot’s mess, over. 

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