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Ace Combat 7 Won’t Have Visual Enhancements on PS4 Pro, But it Will Have a Better Framerate

PS4 Pro owners, myself included, are often left feeling short-changed when games release with minimal support for the premium machine. Unfortunately it looks as if we’ll be getting that familiar feeling when Ace Combat 7 takes to the skies on PS4 early next year.

Kazutoki Kono recently spoke with WccfTech about the upcoming game, and he revealed that PS4 Pro support will be geared towards improving the game’s framerate rather than increasing the visual fidelity of the game.

“Basically, rather than a visual difference it will be about making use of a framerate improvement.” He continues saying, “…it may not be very visible at first right, but in terms of playing smoothly and comfortably, we believe it’s important for customers.”

Now it’s unclear if he means that PS4 Pro owners will be able to use a higher frame rate than the base PS4, or if it just means that the PS4 Pro will run the game at the same, albeit steadier, framerate as the base consoles. It’s a touch disappointing, really, but I suppose the bigger question would be if the PS4 Pro will handle the PSVR side of the game better than the base PS4.

Ace Combat 7 is set to release on January 18th, 2019.

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