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Action RPG Fall of Light: Darkest Edition to Hit PS4 Next Week

The acclaimed Indie RPG from studio RuneHeads and publisher Digerati launched on Steam in 2017, while us console gamers were left holding our controllers. That all changes when the latest edition of Fall of Light: Darkest Edition drops on the PlayStation Store August 21 for North America, while the EU version drops the following day.

Inspired by games such as Dark Souls and ICO, Fall of Light is a story-driven RPG set in a world where darkness reigns. You’ll play as warrior Nyx who is followed by his daughter, Aether. You’ll need to keep her safe, because, well,  she’s your daughter, but also because she’s an “indigo child”, one of the few sources of light left in the world.

Your dangerous journey will include an all-new dungeon, exclusive to the Darkest Edition, plus 20 different battle stances, and hordes of shadowy enemies. The ten different weapon classes mean you can pick your favorite combo of melee weapons, crossbows, and shields. Choose wisely if you want to find the last place on Earth still touched by the sun.

As stated, you can download your copy next week, but for those who want to hold a copy in their greedy little hands, a retail edition for the PS4 is slated to release in September. In the meantime, check out the trailer above.

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