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Activision’s Licensed Games Are Disappearing From the PSN

Remember Platinum Games’ dire Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan? It was the awfully short and shallow release that hit retail and digital store fronts last year.

Today, that very game has been pulled from the PlayStation Store on the PSN, as well as other digital store fronts. That’s not all, though, as it looks like Activision is ridding the world of more of its licensed releases; Beenox’s Amazing Spider-Man games have also been removed. It’s a shame that they aren’t going to be available for those who really wanted them, though there are at least physical copies that will continue to float around for a long while.

Maybe Platinum’s TMNT game isn’t that much of a loss, but to be fair to Beenox the Spider-Man games weren’t that bad. You could say they were at the very least passable efforts.

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