Activision’s New Ghostbusters Game Release Date Might Have Been Leaked for PS4/Xbox One

Not too long ago it was announced that a new Ghostbusters movie was being made. The film is a reboot/remake of the original movie of the same name that released back in the 80’s and starred an all-male leading cast. The new movie has ditched the macho line-up in favour of a female-driven release. Suffice to say, the sexists, the misogynists, and – well, all the bastards of the world weren’t too happy.

It was also reported some time ago that Activision was working on a new Ghostbusters game for PS4 and Xbox One, though we’ve not heard anything since.

Today we’ve found that retailer Newegg has listed both the PS4 and Xbox One edition of Ghostbusters alongside a release date of July 12th. The report we linked to above suggested that the game would release around the same time as the movie, July 15th, so it’s more than a coincidence to see a July 12th date attached to the game. Also, July 12th is a Tuesday and games typically release on a Tuesday.

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There’s literally no information on the game at this point and we don’t even know which studio is making it, though it’s possible that the developers of the last Ghostbusters game, Terminal Reality, could be the studio taking the responsibilities. However, with that being said, the product description is a copy-and-paste job of the original game from 2009. It’s possible that we’ll just see a port of that game, but we reckon it’s unlikely given that it’s supposed to tie-in with the movie.

Activision doesn’t have the best track record with games based on popular licenses, just look at its back-catalogue of licensed games and you’ll see why. Oi, Activision, we still remember that hunking bag of rotten zombie poo that was supposed to be The Walking Dead.

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