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Activision’s New Ghostbusters Game is Up for Pre-Order

Earlier today it was confirmed that Sony’s film division is working in collaboration with Activision to produce a new Ghostbusters game for PS4, PC and other home consoles. We already knew this, though, as we reported a couple of weeks ago…

The point is, the game is coming this July 12th to coincide with the release of the new movie. The good news is that the game is up for pre-order on Amazon so that you can ensure that you’ll have your copy on release day. You know, just incase this one sells out in record time…

It’s not actually based on the new movie, mind, as it doesn’t follow the same characters from the movie. The game actually has two male and two female characters; probably due to an all female cast being an undesirable trait… Shocking.

Below is the box art, and here’s where you can pre-order your copy. Quick! You’re running out of time! Not…


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