Adam Boyes is the New CEO of Iron Galaxy

Adam Boyes is the New CEO of Iron Galaxy

Not too long ago Adam Boyes stepped down as VP of Public Relations for Sony. We even wrote about it here. Today it was announced he is joining Iron Galaxy as CEO. Adam’s new job will be focusing on creating new growth opportunities for the studio. Founder, Dave Lang, will step down from the position but will remain a critical part of the company’s leadership. They also reported that Iron Galaxy’s Director of Product Development, Chelsea Blasko, will be the new Chief Product Officer.

I am extremely excited to have Adam and Chelsea join the leadership team at Iron Galaxy,” Lang said. “Adam is a seasoned professional who can expand and evolve the publishing arm of our business, while Chelsea, who has been with us since inception, can manage and drive the teams forward as we execute against a grander vision. With Adam in place, Chelsea and I can focus on cultivating talent, managing our teams and delivering great product.”

Iron Galaxy is mostly known for their titles Divekick and seasons 2 and 3 of Killer Instinct.  We wish Mr. Boyes the best of luck and we can’t wait to see what his new opportunity brings us.

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