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Adam Boyes Leaving PlayStation to Return to Game Development

The VP of Third Party Relations and Developer Technology Group, Adam Boyes, has resigned from PlayStation. In a tweet he expressed his return to video game development but that the decision was very hard for him.

He hasn’t disclosed where he’s moving on to yet besides going independent. But in the past he’s served as the President of Beefy Media and the Director of Production at Capcom. There will be no easy replacement for Mr. Boyes. From the time he joined PlayStation (back in 2012) to today he’s increased revenue, developer relations, prudent relationships, and who could forget this gem.

We wish Adam all the luck wherever his journey takes him. We can’t wait to see what he’ll work on next.

Off the Record: I first met Adam Boyes during my time as a PlayStation Blogger back in 2013. He was an absolutely fine, upstanding gentleman. What he had to say was insightful, his passion for the industry was very clear, and I loved seeing him on panels in person. It’s sad to see him leave the PlayStation family but from the bottom of my heart I wish him the best. 

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