Add Two More Horizon Zero Dawn Videos to the Pre-Launch Pile; Crafting and 4K Gameplay

PlayStation and Guerrilla Games continue to go all out with non-spoilery, Horizon Zero Dawn footage before launch in just two days. (For us North Americans anyway. Sorry Europe.) One of the videos is similar to the short trailers that have been released before except it’s all about crafting. The world will be plentiful with materials and you’ll use those items to create gear, bombs, ammunition, and weapons. That footage is up above for your viewing pleasure.

Down below however, is something a little different. Some acquaintances over on the PlayStation Blog uploaded nearly seven minutes of 4K gameplay. Yes, you read that right. Full 4K gameplay of Horizon Zero Dawn. Just make sure you set the video to playback at the 4K quality. The experience here is all about showing off the visuals, but there are some neat battles with the robo-dinosaurs including the T-Rex inspired, Thunderjaw. That battle did not go well. The two commentators also go into their thoughts on Horizon Zero Dawn because they’ve had the game for weeks. WEEKS! We’re incredibly jealous.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn is developed by Guerrilla Games for the PlayStation 4 and will release on February 28th in North America and March 1st for Europe. If you so choose it can be pre-ordered here. If you want to scream like fan-girls with us, we’ll meet you in the comments section.

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