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AdVenture Capitalist Releasing on PS4 Next Week

Free-to-play, “clicker” game AdVenture Capitalist will be releasing on the PS4 August 16th. Billing itself as the “world’s greatest capitalism simulator“, the premise of the game is simple. You will start with a business, build the income until you can buy another buisness, and repeat. Once all the wallets are empty on Earth, you can build your own interstellar trade empire on Mars and the Moon. Fortunately, empire building has never been easier, because this is all accomplished by button presses on the controller.

The game also offers the option to purchase managers to run things for you. Managers will literally “play” the game, even when your busy billionaire lifestyle will not allow you to engage in such frivolity (or when you have to go out of town to see your Aunt Edna for her 65th birthday).

If you are looking to diversify your gaming portfolio, take a look at the trailer, and be on the watch for AdVenture Capitalist in next week’s releases.

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