Adventure Game TOHU Releasing Later This Year

Lovers of quirky adventure games, rejoice! TOHU was announced at EGX, and it will be coming to consoles later this year. It features a universe made of fish planets with different environments to explore. The adventure game tells the story of “The Girl” whose world is turned upside down when a chaotic creature destroys a sacred machine, putting all the fish planets at risk.

She is a special girl who can change into Cubus. This alter ego will allow her to do some “heavy lifting” according to the PlayStation Blog. Her regular form will allow her to move through the environment and small places.  You’ll need these abilities to solve the puzzles in the game and point and click your way to success. If you heard puzzles in an adventure game and frowned, you don’t have to worry. There will be a challenge for those who want it, but it’s being designed to be playable and accessible for everyone.

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The sound is being crafted by Christopher Larkin, the mind and ears behind Hollow Knight’s soundtrack. The team is pretty excited to have nabbed him for the project, and you can hear some of it in the gameplay walkthrough I have posted at the top.

Along with quirky characters, puzzles, and secrets for you to discover, TOHU is promising to delight classic adventure fans and newcomers alike. We don’t have a release date yet, but you can check out the images and gameplay video to see it in action.

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