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After Five Years, Sociable Soccer is Finally Coming to Console

About bloody time!

It’s been four years since I’ve last written the worlds ‘Sociable Soccer‘ on Pure PlayStation, and over five years since the first article about the game. Where the hell has it been? And where has the time gone?

Since the announcement all those years ago, Sociable Soccer has managed to avoid a console release, and it’s even avoided PC early access. Instead, the game has been released on iOS and Apple Arcade, but the promise of a PS4 version with PSVR support has never been realised, at least not yet. But it will be. Soon. How soon? I don’t know. Very soon, I hope…

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I also hope that the support for PSVR is still there in some form – only because I’d love nothing more than to play a decent retro footy game and feel like a god, as the game’s creator put it a few years back.

The official Twitter account for the game has let on that the game has picked up a new publisher for its console and PC release and that they’re all working hard to put together a teaser trailer. Who is this mysterious publisher? I have my fair idea as to who the perps are, but we’ll wait and see until the official announcement is made.

Source: Twitter

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