Agony Story Trailer Shows New Creatures and Locations

If you hate scary games, pull the covers over your head. We have a new (extremely NSFW) story trailer for Agony, and it delves even deeper into the nightmarish landscape from the game. There are barren canyons, gnarled wastes, and dark caves. From what we can see, those are the nice parts.

Unfortunately for you, the world is not lonely. It is filled with horrific creatures doing awful things. We catch a brief glimpse of horned monstrosities. There are snakes with three fleshy coverings over a fanged maw. There are things being maimed and murdered. There is also someone taking you to the Red Goddess. Is she a friend, minion, or something else?

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The Red Goddess makes an appearance toward the end of the trailer in full technicolor. She is surrounded by an orgy of blood. That’s never a good sign. We still don’t know how the main character is connected to her, or if she can actually show you the exit from hell.

Agony is a game we have been watching for a while. It’s striking art design has kept our attention, and we are looking forward to telling you all about the game in our review.

Until then, we will have to wait until May 29th to make our escape from hell.

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