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AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES Demo Lets You Investigate Dreams

AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES is really unlike any other game out this year, and I would recommend you try it. I think you’ll love it (I did), and now you can test that hypothesis for yourself. There is a demo of the game available now that will give you a chunk of the game including the first somnium and the first part of the investigation. This one will be hitting quite a few game of the year lists, so give it a try.

The story is from the mind of Kotaro Uchikoshi, the creator of the Zero Escape series. You are detective Kaname Date, and the game starts as you are reaching the scene of a murder. The dead woman has been stabbed and tied to a merry-go-round horse. She has also had one of her eyes gouged out. Is this the work of a serial killer? You’ll uncover that secret and more during a game that manages to balance out the funny and serious moments so well.

If I’ve convinced you to give it a try, you can reach the demo on the PlayStation Store by clicking here.

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