Aiden Pearce Sneaks Into Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 hasn’t been out long but it didn’t even take a day for this easter egg/cameo. Turns out that Aiden “The Fox” Pearce shows up in the sequel to his original game. For those out of the loop, the first Watch Dogs featured Aiden Pearce as the main character on a quest for revenge after his niece was killed. Say what you will about that Chicago tale, it’s all over and done with. However, Aiden has kept himself busy and even traveled halfway across the country to San Francisco, the setting for Watch Dogs 2. Naturally our two heroes were destined to cross paths and even though they didn’t meet face to face it did happen.

The latest Ubisoft title has plenty of side missions, some of which can only be unlocked after talking to people who are points of interest. After making your way to one of these objectives, Marcus encounters a “crime scene” and goes about figuring what’s up. Once he does it soon becomes clear to our DedSec squad that Aiden Pearce is the one responsible and is in town. The gang is utterly impressed at the Chicago vigilante being in their city but Marcus realises Aiden is running into a trap. Clear across on the other side of San Fransisco, Marcus makes his way into a bunker, past the guards, and discovers the first game’s hero in a prison cell. We’ll leave the rest of the story to the video above.

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Let us know if you’re excited about Aiden’s brief return! It’s always nice seeing a familiar face, after all. Also, let us know how you’re enjoying Watch Dogs 2 and check out our review of the game here too.


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